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Throughout the years, I've found it difficult to find one single resource for me to keep pace on the latest in marketing. For years I've had an endless list of "somewhat organized" bookmarks along the top of my browser for sites like AdWeek, TechCrunch, HootSuite, and a number of my favorite thought-leaders in our industry.

So we had a thought, why not consolidate everything we're talking about in one single place as a resource for brands everywhere.

Today, we launch what I hope can serve as your singular resource for creative ideas, industry trends and strategic recommendations. We'll be brief with every post, meaning it should only take 5 minutes or less to grasp each concept and run with it so that your business can experience the full effect of smart and simplified marketing.

And if you ever need a trusted group of professionals to help with your strategy, production, design or execution, we'd love to step in to help guide you in making your brand unforgettable.

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